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  • Double-Sided Spatula Nozzles
  • Pizzi Glue Systems

Double-Sided Spatula Nozzles

0018 to 0020
These nozzles are designed for easy tenon gluing, applying glue to both sides of the interior of a tenon simultaneously.
Double-Sided Spatula Dimensions
US $151.95
CAN $197.95
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Product Description

Glue flows from both sides of the spatula, applying a thin, even layer of glue to both the top and bottom of the area between tenons, an area which is often time-consuming to apply glue properly to without a specialized nozzle. Compared to working with pinpoint glue delivery, the job is done in a fraction of the time, and without waste or over-gluing which can potentially weaken the strength of the joint.

Rangate Pizzi glue equipment is designed for use with PVA glues only. This includes all the common "white glue" and "yellow glue” used in woodworking, like Titebond® I, II, and III. This item is not intended for use with PVC glues or contact cement.

Set-Up & Maintenance

All of our glue nozzles are made to last, with basic maintenance. To get the most out of your nozzles, keep the nozzle immersed in the water reservoir between gluings during your glue work. After the job is completed, be sure to flush the nozzle of any remaining glue with water- use our Tap Adapter which works with all of our nozzles for the best results. For a full description of how to get the most out of your Pizzi glue system, consult our maintenance guide.

Double-Sided Spatula Nozzle Dimensions

Product Code Width Length Height
0018 30mm 100mm 6mm
0019 40mm 100mm 6mm
0020 50mm 100mm 6mm

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General Woodwork
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