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  • Rangate Barth VakuuSYST 3.15
  • Barth VakuuSYST 3.15

Barth VakuuSYST 3.15

The VakuuSYST 3.15 is a workbench add-on which transforms your bench with powerful and easy vacuum clamping. The vacuum heads are held by a steel bracket which swings under your table to be securely stowed and out of the way when not in use.
Unit Price
Round Vacuum Suction Head 190mm Diameter
This flat, round-shaped vacuum head has the same padding and grip as the stock vacuum heads, and can be ordered for a larger surface area grip on clamped workpieces.
Round Vacuum Suction Head 190mm Diameter
US $480.95
CAN $547.95
Oval Vacuum Suction Head 110 X 65 mm
This vacuum clamping pad can be ordered to match your clamping needs.
Oval Vacuum Suction Head 110 X 65 mm
US $360.95
CAN $409.95
Oval Vacuum Suction Head 240 X 45 mm
This clamping pad is lengthened for clamping extra-long workpieces for jobs like millwork pieces.
Oval Vacuum Suction Head 240 X 45 mm
US $480.95
CAN $547.95
Oval Vacuum Suction Head 250 X 80 mm
This vacuum clamping pad has the largest surface area we offer, for extra long and heavy workpieces like doors or other large, heavy solid wood applications.
Oval Vacuum Suction Head 250 X 80 mm
US $480.95
CAN $547.95
Long Vacuum Suction Head, 300 x 30 mm
This is the longest vacuum pad available with the Barth system, at 300mm in length.
Long Vacuum Suction Head, 300 x 30 mm
US $480.95
CAN $547.95
Cross Clamp K40 Clamp Lever
This knuckle affixes to the end of an extension tube to clamp down another extension tube horizontally.
Cross Clamp K40 Clamp Lever
US $94.95
CAN $107.95
US $0.00
CAN $0.00
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Product Description

Flip the steel bracket which swings under the bench when not in use up, then turn the large lever to secure it in the 'out' position. Each clamp is mounted on a height and angle-adjustable shaft which you can position to your needs, and lock down when it's at the ideal position.
The vacuum pads have a central 'button' which engages the vacuum automatically when pressed down by a workpiece. The suction is turned off via a foot pedal.

Technical Data

Standard order includes:

  • Vacuum pump with connecting hose, incl. dust filter
  • Steel mounting bracket which attaches to your workbench
  • 1 ∅ 190 mm circular vacuum suction head.

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