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  • Barth Multipress RPG
  • Barth_Multipress_RPG
  • Barth Multipress RPG
  • Barth Multipress RPG

Barth Multipress RPG-20

RPG-20 Series
Our new RPG pricing enables your Barth to be as custom as your work is. The base prices are for the powder-coated hollow steel frame, giving you complete freedom to customize with only the items that match your needs, every step of the way.

The RPG frame adds a new level of customization with no top crossbar- you can position the pressing elements or eccentric upper clamping fixtures wherever you need them to be. This opens a whole new world of possibilities and uses for your frame press. It's ideal for shops producing highly custom or complex workpieces.

Financing is available for Barth press orders. The displayed prices do not include crating and shipping totals.
Unit Price
Clamping Unit - Rack and Pinion (for RPG and RPG-L)
A rack and pinion clamping element used for the Barth Multi-Press RPG or RPG-L20. Like the standard elements, each can be re positioned to any height. Each clamping element is a self-locking rack and pinion gear with an easily adjustable stroke of 140mm. Adding pressure elements is recommended for larger press sizes which can take advantage of the frame size to accommodate more pressure heads.
Clamping Unit - Rack and Pinion (for RPG and RPG-L)
US $1220.95
CAN $1388.95
Additional Clamping Unit - Manual Hydraulic
Adds an additional manual hydraulic clamping element to your Barth Multi-Press RPG in addition to the 3 which are standard. Like the stock pressure elements, they can be moved to any height, and exert up to 2000kg of pressure. Additional pressure heads are recommended for larger frame sizes, which can take advantage of the increased room for clamping.
Additional Clamping Unit - Manual Hydraulic
US $2117.95
CAN $2409.95
Lateral Press - Rack & Pinion
This adds a lateral pressing power to your frame. It comes equipped with two mechanical rack and pinion type pressing units, each able to exert up to 2000lbs of pressure.
Lateral Press - Rack & Pinion
US $2888.95
CAN $3287.95
Lateral Press - Manual Hydraulic
This adds lateral pressing to your frame, increasing your Multipress capabilities. It comes equipped with two manual hydraulic pressure units, each able to exert up to 2000lbs of pressure.
Lateral Press - Manual Hydraulic
US $4485.95
CAN $5104.95
Secondary 90° Stop
Every Multipress comes equipped with one 90° stop on the left side. This additional 90° stopper provides another end beam on the right-hand side of the press for workpieces to be pressed against. Combined with a lateral press, your Barth becomes capable of pressing two large work pieces laterally at the same time.
Secondary 90° Stop
US $1579.95
CAN $1796.95
RPG Holding Clamp
This holding clamp for Barth Multi-Press units exerts depth pressure against work pieces being held on the frame. It attaches to the top and bottom rails of the frame, and is operated by top and bottom hand cranks which are turned to increase or decrease pressure.
RPG Holding Clamp
US $1148.95
CAN $1306.95
Casework Support (Bottom)
Combined with a casing top tensioner, these accessories allow you to clamp deep casegoods firmly and with pressure distributed evenly across the surface. During pressing, your work piece rests on the support.
Casework Support (Bottom)
US $362.95
CAN $412.95
Casework Support (Top)
Combined with a casing support, these accessories allow you to clamp deep casegoods firmly and with pressure distributed evenly across the surface of your work piece.
Casework Support (Top)
US $624.95
CAN $710.95
Reinforced Casters
This mobility kit adds two swiveling and two braking caster wheels to your Multipress for easy movement around the shop. Compared to the standard casters, these are more rugged and designed for larger frames loaded with heavier accessory options.
Reinforced Casters
US $1166.95
CAN $1327.95
Swiveling Press Shoe +/- 30°
This press shoe can incline up to 30° in either direction once it makes contact with your work piece for angled pressure.
Swiveling Press Shoe +/- 30°
US $186.95
CAN $212.95
Mitring Frame Bond Device
This device sets four 90° corners onto your frame for perfect clamping of mitered and box goods. The dimensions are adjustable for any size work piece you're gluing up.
Mitring Frame Bond Device
US $366.95
CAN $416.95
Pluggable Rack and Pinion Gear
This rack and pinion pressure element slot into the perforated plate on your Barth Multi-Press RPG or RPG-L to apply pressure at any angle, from anywhere. No matter what the shape or curve of your piece, these elements are able to apply pressure where it's needed.
Pluggable Rack and Pinion Gear
US $635.95
CAN $722.95
Manual Hydraulic Eccentric Clamp
Manual Hydraulic Eccentric Clamp
Manual Hydraulic Eccentric Clamp
US $1525.95
CAN $1735.95
US $0.00
CAN $0.00
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Product Description

The RPG's robust base frame and heavy customization options distinguish it among its peers. The RPG can be customized with many additional pressure elements which can be positioned at any height- Your set up can be as unique and complex as the needs of the job. Add additional rack and pinion, manual hydraulic, and eccentric manual hydraulic pressure elements to your RPG to create the ideal setup for your shop.

Press Maintenance

To make removing excess glue which has dried on the press easy, many of our Barth operators choose to coat the vertical uprights and base of their press in a thin layer of glue-repellent coating. Bates BC Glue Release is a popular choice for protecting the surface of your press from build-up.

Frame Dimensions

Frame Type Gluing Area Framing Area Casegoods Area Setup Dimensions*
RPG 2025 2400 x 1580 2110 x 1580 2110 x 1340 2580 x 2250 x 800
RPG 2030 2900 x 1580 2610 x 1580 2610 x 1340 3080 x 2250 x 800
RPG 2040 3900 x 1580 3610 x 1580 3610 x 1340 4080 x 2250 x 800
RPG 2050 4900 x 1580 check back soon for complete info check back soon for complete info 5080 x 2250 x 800

*With lateral pressure unit, add another 190mm to the frame's length. With a mobility kit, add another 450mm of depth, and 25mm of height.

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