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Rangate has been assisting clients build performance windows and doors for over 10 years. We are the industry leader, with a record of success with everyone from the most well-respected producers in the marketplace to one-person startups.

The WeComplete Journey

Testing & Certification

Certification: Future-Proofing Your Door/Window

If you're in the window and door manufacturing business, getting to know the requirements and process of product testing and certification is important to both developing and protecting your investments. Across the world, standards are on the rise, and while today achieving performance standards boosts confidence in your product with architects and builders, tomorrow, it could be a requirement.

The good news is that there are readily available testing and certification programs for windows and doors, and a lot of publicly posted information can be found easily online. Some tests are commonly required, while others are optional for very specific applications or jurisdictions. Taking the time to investigate the required programs and the associated resources should be a part of your business plan.


To get started, keep a specific product you have in mind as you investigate what needs to be done for it. Go through the available resources to understand basic terminologies and procedures. Check with the building code and ask the builder’s specific requirements. To be less overwhelming, focus on your specific product type and application during your research until you become comfortable to look into other product types and requirements.

The Rangate Advantage

Thermal Performance Data

When you begin a project with our Ready Solutions, we supply benchmarking data that helps you understand the level of performance your window or door is capable of achieving. This valuable information eliminates the guesswork from your window or door design- before you start, you'll know what you can expect from the finished product. If you're committed to achieving a set level of performance, we have the engineering depth and expertise to perform advanced thermal simulation and design for Custom Projects.

Rangate Window Thermal Simulation
Passive House Certified Component
Certification Expertise

Working with us puts a team of industry veterans familiar with the certification process on your side. Navigating the process can be complex, and having experienced advice during your journey helps save time and achieve your goal on schedule. No level of performance is beyond our window and door designs. Rangate co-designed the first ever all-wood outswing casement window to achieve Passive House certification, and we have been helping producers build to the highest standards in the world ever since.

Our strong working relationships with certification bodies include:

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