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Knot Filler

Everything you wanted to know about Knot Filler, in one place!

Knot Filler Volume Pricing

Discount Structure
9-Rod Pack Quantity USD* CAD* Shipping Rate
1-2 $63.95 $79.95 Flat $15 USD / $20 CAD for US & Canadian addresses
3-5 $59.95 $74.95 Free ground service for US & Canadian addresses
6-19 $49.95 $62.95 Free ground service for US & Canadian addresses
20-49 $45.95 $57.95 Free ground service for US & Canadian addresses
50+ contact us to inquire about monthly fulfillment options Free ground service to US & Canadian addresses

* White-color Knot Filler: US$6 / CA$8 extra/pack for 1-2 packs, and US$4 / CA$5 extra/pack for 3+ packs.

Knot Filler single-color rods

Knot Filler ReadySet

Knot Filler StarterSet

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