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Did You Know...

For clients who need to fill wood imperfections in bulk, we offer knot filler in forms suitable for high-volume, mechanized operations. If you're thinking about moving from hand-held gun application to something more efficient, reach out to us to find out what your options are.

Knife edges wear down because of friction. Dust and other chip acts like sandpaper when it's caught between the tool body and the wood being milled, increasing friction and wearing down the edge. Using a detergent product specially for steel-body tools similar to the one we carry will guarantee the best results.

Mortiser bits can run perfectly in either left-hand and right-hand directions- so no matter which way your mortising machine is designed to run, the bits will cut the same mortise.

With the right adjustments, some of our tools can be set up to do both grooving and tenoning.

NaDia coating is a DLC (Diamond-Like Carbide) coating that preserves the sharpness of your cutting edges and adds incredible value to any knife purchase. The coating is a single micron in thickness- so incredibly fine that the dimensions of the cut will match exactly with a non-treated blade. NaDia combines the hardness of diamond with carbon molecules which absorb the shock of impact, resulting in a cutting edge that resists wearing. It's available on all of our insert knives and mortising & drilling products.

We designed this set to give producers entering the market high flexibility in their start-up. Having the option to build two styles with one toolset doubles your opportunities, and controls costs for the first phase of your new product line.

Without proper insulation, traditional aluminum made windows are energy inefficient to provide indoor comfort and poor health risks with condensation and mold.

Once glue hardens, it grips hard and is tough to remove- that's why we use it! Luckily, cleaning your system before it dries is easy and could be the difference between business as usual, or having to replace your tank or nozzle. Take a look at our maintenance guide to get up to speed on how to care for your Pizzi tank and accessories.

If you observe your tank's pressure dropping below 5 bar noticeably faster than months before, the most likely cause is related to the rubber O-ring seal at the top of the tank. This part can be replaced in your shop very easily, and at minimal cost- just place an order with us online.

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