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Good Health & Business Continuity

March 27, 2020

Rangate remains open and available to support you amid the current situation. We have created this page to keep you posted on our end.

We are all staying healthy so far! Most of our employees are working remotely while our warehouse/shipping department continues to open with safe best practices. We wish you, your families and friends maintaining good health.

    To keep your shop running:
  • We have proactively increased our stock levels on our most popular flagship products like Knot Filler and our insert knives to maintain equipment uptime and fulfill your shop supply needs.
  • We continue providing support on the Garniga tooling products. Please explore the Garniga tooling webpage and email us pictures of the engraving and your tool.
  • Our business hours remains unchanged, and our whole team is available by phone and email. For service, feel free to contact us at by email or phone at 888-810-2522.
  • Special projects may be affected by the COVID-19 situation; if you have any concerns, please contact us to discuss your project timeline.

Whether you've recently purchased a shaper or you want to explore making new solid wood products in your shop, the Alpine Technical Workshop offers a few hands-on workshops, including the Advanced Joinery Workshop. While the schedule is a bit fluid at the moment to respect social distancing and comply with travel restrictions, the next workshop is scheduled for June 2020. If you are interested, please give us a call at 888-925-7999. While the workshop limits to 4 to 6 attendees depending on the workshop agenda, we will work with everyone showing interests and who have signed up to solidify a date.
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Our CutterShare options enable you to access our standard tools for 1-3 months at a fraction of the cost of purchasing tools- it's a great way to keep your production costs low without making any compromises on cut quality. In recognition of the challenges wood shops are facing, we continue to waive the $30 annual membership fee. While all pricing is in USD, CutterShare also serves Canadian members out of our Vancouver BC office.
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Our WeStock system is the best way to ensure spare knives will never hold up your production. Tool systems protected by WeStock always have a set of spares at your shop, and a back-up set in inventory at Rangate, ready to ship as soon as you make a replacement. We invite you to learn more about WeStock so we can ensure your knives are always ready.
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Tool Maintenance & Care

If you're experiencing some downtime presently, there's no better time to put your equipment through some routine maintenance to get the most out of your investment. Our Tool Care & Maintenance Guide. We've also compiled a series of video guides for changing insert knives on our standard tools- you can find the knife change guide video playlist here.
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Pizzi System Maintenance

Our Pizzi glue systems also benefit tremendously from some monthly and yearly maintenance- check out our Pizzi tank maintenance guide to brush up and get your tanks, nozzles, and guns rejuvenated and ready for action.

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Staying Up-to-Date

We wish you health and peace of mind as we collectively deal with this trying time. We regularly consult the World Health Organization updates on the situation to keep up to date with the latest information, and recommend our clients to consult the local regulations and protocols to decide on safe and responsible practices.

On the U.S. side: Some sectors of the woodworking industry have been declared as critical infrastructure workers by the US Department of Homeland Security. You may consult the memorandum specifying the relevant industries to determine if your company is affected. And here is a resource webpage by the federal government.

On the Canada side: Here is a great resource hub on Canada's Economic Response Plan to support both personal and businesses.
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Wishing you well!

Our thoughts are with our friends and clients. Humanity exists when many are offering help to neighbors and seniors during this challenging period. We wish everyone staying in good health, and let's stay in touch on both personal and professional basis.
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