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About Us

We love to share our story with our clients. Find out about where we've been, and where we're going.

About Our Team

Greg Godbout - Company Executive Officer

You could say woodworking tooling is in Greg’s DNA. After working for his family’s tooling business (Royce//Ayr) in his youth, Greg spent 10 years at Laguna Tools, working for the majority of that time as a VP-GM. Greg set out on his own in 2007. Greg founded Rangate to support the solid wood industry with world-class tooling, and a different approach to business. From the start, Greg’s vision was a tightly-knit company that could use technology and smart logistics pass on the savings of running a tight ship to clients. 14 years later, and the team has come a long way from Greg’s start in his garage!

Greg’s great love is skiing and fresh air, and he does his best to find time to enjoy the mountains and friendships.

Chris Chan – Company Operations Officer

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Chris worked as a senior engineer and project team leader for AT&T before joining Rangate. He brought his aptitude for managing large, complex projects to Rangate, and is very involved in ensuring good processes in the company. Chris is the operational wizard who makes everything run smoothly, with a hand on just about everything that happens here.

Chris is a devoted volunteer as well! He’s been recognized for his volunteer service to the Vancouver Police Department multiple times, regularly doing community controls with Rangate’s beloved dog and consensus favorite team member, Theo.

Christine Wilhelm – Finance Manager

Christine has been with Rangate since the beginning, joining the team full-time in 2018. Her energy and positivity keeps the books for Rangate, CutterShare, and Alpine Workshops humming along smoothly.

Outside of work, Christine is a proud grandma! She loves just about every water sport- except surfing, which is unusual because she's a born and raised Californian at heart.

Florian Guéret – Client Support

Florian helps make sure everyone who contacts us gets fast, friendly, and knowledgeable service. You can count on Florian for support with any order you place with us, from ensuring all your questions on Knot Filler get answered, to optimizing insert knife re-orders for major CNC production lines. Originally from Angers, France, Florian is now based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

He’s never happier than when he gets to spend some quality time with his three young children, who are growing up to be fluent in both English and Français.

Jaime Millan - Project Specialist

Jaime is a graduate of the Wood Science program at the University of BC. At Rangate, Jaime lends his energy and enthusiasm to supporting Rangate's client projects. Jaime’s also happy to help Spanish-speaking clients work with Rangate en Español.

His interest in woodworking is more than professional- Jaime makes his own wooden skateboard, surfboard, and guitar. He also enjoy playing music with his friends.

Cliff Ma – Warehouse & Inventory Control

If you’ve ever received something from us and appreciated the extra care in the packing and tracking of your shipment, Cliff’s the one to thank! It’s Cliff’s job to keep our products coming in and out of our warehouse like a well-oiled machine. Cliff is a graduate of the Wood Science program at the University of BC, and gained plenty of experience working in production facilities during his education. He’s also responsible for using our advanced equipment to inspect cutters before shipping.

On the weekend, you can find Cliff enjoying his family and friends on the road or in the local mountains.

Kristof Hebel – Sales & Business Development Manager

Growing up in Germany in a family who ran a wood window and door manufacturing business, Kristof completed his technical wood processing training and work experience before moving to Vancouver, BC. Working for a local window and door producer for two years, he managed the design, production, and installations. When he was ready to take on new challenges, Kristof decided to continue living in Canada. And we are glad he did! Kristof has delivered many large-scale projects and value-centric programs, from designing Passive House windows to supervising equipment installations. His new Sales & Business Development Manager provides him the opportunity to lead the Sales, Marketing, and Product Development teams that will further deliver the vision and mission of our company values. Kristof is also a certified Passive House Tradesperson, adding his value to the products and services for our clients.

Kristof enjoys taking his time into the woods with this loved one and friends. And ok, at times, we also enjoy some beers and German meals together.

Theo - Spiritual Leader with a Grounded Soul - Retired

After moving to Vancouver for 8.5 years, Theo retired from his full-time greetings duties in February 2021 when he became fourteen and a half years old. He was still coming in when he could, with a smile and a wagging tail just to see his friends. He's loved by many, from truck drivers to the mailperson, taking moments to say hello. He had a favourite friend, Michael, who taught him how to shake a paw and take a treat. He loved saying hello to neighbourhood cats, dogs, and friendly kids. He would also sit in the sun and fall asleep. This yellow labrador retriever would long for his weekend swims. The two things he never liked were large sombrero hats and fireworks. But when he carried out his duties on the Saturday community policing pooch patrols, he had brought countless smiles and started many conversations on his shifts.

It's been a year since he left us; his many friends still recall and miss the third amigo, his kind spirit, and his warm presence in the neighbourhood.

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