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Engineering is our commitment. We founded Rangate to offer only tooling and equipment designed and built to the highest standards of performance and safety.

For the month of October, our Knot Filler Starter Sets are 11% off. Canada Woodworking West attendees will receive 16% off of floor models at the show while supplies last!
Knot Filler Starter Set

This set has everything you need to start using Knot Filler in your shop.

New to our Knot Filler? We recommend this set, which includes a heating gun, cooling block, chisel, and 1 starter bag with a variety of colors to try. It's the fastest and easiest way to get started repairing your stock.

** Picture shows our legacy Mixed Pack. This new Starter Pack offers 4 rods in 4 different colors.**

Already have a ø12mm dispensing gun, a wide chisel and a flat cooling block to harden? Get a 4-Rod Starter Pack or a 9-Rod Combo Pack instead to try the knot filler out. It's a great alternative to epoxy in many wood repairing applications.

Knot Filler
Knot Filler Cooler

Aluminium cooling block used as a heat sink for knot filler repairs.


After applying knot filler to a wood imperfection, place this lightweight aluminium cooling block over the repair to absorb the heat of the melted filler to allow it to set quickly and evenly. It features a handle for ease of use, and a large surface area to easily cover even your largest repairs.

Knot Filler
Knot Filler Chisel

Specialized chisel for removing excess knot filler after application and cooling.


Use our knot filler chisel for removing the excess from your wood repairs after applying our knot filler. It is designed with a flat bottom and wooden hand grip to smoothly slide over your wood surface without scratching or damaging it, removing only the thin layer of knot filler from the top of the repair.

Knot Filler

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