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Engineering is our commitment. We founded Rangate to offer only tooling and equipment designed and built to the highest standards of performance and safety.

Bird's Mouth Mortise Bits

Carbide-tipped mortise bits which last longer and cut cleaner than others in the marketplace.

Our 'Bird's-Mouth' mortise bits are designed to run on all standard mortising machines. These carbide-tip bits feature extended longevity compared to standard high speed steel tips.

Looking for the full set of bits? Click here to save 10% on a full set of 5. (Does not include new ø20 mm bit)

Mortising & Drilling
Bird's Mouth Mortise Bit Set

Save 10% by ordering a full set of 5 Bird's Mouth Mortise Bits from 6mm to 16mm.

When you purchase the full set of 5 bits, we offer a 10% discount. Each bit features the same shank dimensions for easy changes among your whole set.

Looking for a specific bit? order individual bits here!

Mortising & Drilling
No-Rot Dowel Drill Bits

Drill bits for a perfect fit with our No-Rot dowels.

Rangate offers NoRot Dowel Drillbits, which are designed specifically for our NoRot Dowels. With these bits, you can have confidence that your NoRot Dowel constructions will be a perfect fit, every time.

Mortising & Drilling
Trimatic Dilling Heads

Drilling heads designed to quickly and accurately drill handle slots for tilt & turn windows and lift & slide doors.

Thes drilling heads are designed to accurately and easily bore holes to fit door handles for tilt & turn windows and lift & slide doors. The Trimatic bores the three holes necessary to fit a cremone bolt in one pass.

Mortising & Drilling

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