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Engineering is our commitment. We founded Rangate to offer only tooling and equipment designed and built to the highest standards of performance and safety.

Knot Fillers

Our Knot Filler is a must-have for any woodworking shop. Strong, flexible, and available in a wide range of colors.

RKF100 Single Color

Rangate Knot Filler is one of the most powerful tools available for any wood shop. Imagine all the time you would save with a non-toxic, permanent repair that’s ready to be worked in under 5 minutes, using common tools available in any shop.

We carry 12 different colors in extra-hard or flexible variants to match the specs of your project perfectly. Expand your possibilities with our convenient and versatile Knot Filler Rods.. We carry 12 different colors in extra-hard or flexible variants to match the specs of your project perfectly. Volume pricing is available once you've found the right fit for your work.

Knot Filler
Knot Filler Starter Set

This kit has everything you need to start using Knot Filler in your shop.

New to our Knot Filler? We recommend this package, which includes a heating gun, cooling block, chisel, and 1 mixed-color bag. It's the fastest and easiest way to get started repairing your stock.

Knot Filler
Pine Color Knot Filler Pellets

The granulated form of Knot Filler is designed for high-volume applications and requires specialized machinery.

RKF200 Series

Knot Filler pellets are designed for high-volume industrial applications. It's the most efficient and cost-effective way to do wood repairs when it is a full-time, every day task at your business. Each order is for a 20kg (44lb) sack of single-color pellets.

Knot Filler
Knot Filler Powder

This Wood Repair Powder is well suited to indoor applications and touch-up work.

RKF300 Series

Our Wood Repair Powder gives you another option for fixing imperfections. All you need is water to achieve a blended, natural repair on furniture, cabinets, or any type of indoor woodworking project.

Each standard unit order of wood repair powder is 5 kg, but per-kilo pricing is available at a cost of US$9.25/CA$11.95 per kg. Bulk discounts are available for orders above 30 kg.

Knot Filler
Knot Filler Sample Pack

If you're new to our knot filler, these mixed bags have a variety of colors to help you find which works best.


Our mixed packs are a great value for the customer who's looking for a great price and is not yet sure which color choice is right for them. Each Mixed Pack contains 10 sticks: 3 Black, 3 Wenge (or Cola), 2 Mahogany, 1 Walnut, and 1 Semi-Transparent stick. Try them all and see which fits your needs best.

Knot Filler
Knot Filler Cooler

Aluminium cooling block used as a heat sink for knot filler repairs.


After applying knot filler to a wood imperfection, place this lightweight aluminium cooling block over the repair to absorb the heat of the melted filler to allow it to set quickly and evenly. It features a handle for ease of use, and a large surface area to easily cover even your largest repairs.

Knot Filler
Knot Filler Chisel

Specialized chisel for removing excess knot filler after application and cooling.


Use our knot filler chisel for removing the excess from your wood repairs after applying our knot filler. It is designed with a flat bottom and wooden hand grip to smoothly slide over your wood surface without scratching or damaging it, removing only the thin layer of knot filler from the top of the repair.

Knot Filler
Knot Filler Gun

Heavy-duty gun for applying Knot Filler rods


This heavy-duty heating gun is a popular choice for applying Knot Filler rods or sticks form. While it's right for the job, it's not your only option- most adjustable temperature hot-glue guns can be used. There are two requirements of your dispensing gun: Our rod's diameter is 12mm (a little less than 1/2") with 295mm (about 11") in length, and there are three melting points depending on the rod used. Please refer to our Knot Filler Rods' colors and melting points chart. If in your shop, you already have a gun that fits these two requirements, try it out with a sample or single color pack. And if you are a higher volume user, or if you need to switch color often, you may want to get an additional gun to minimize labor and material waste. The actual color of the gun sold may vary.

Knot Filler

This compound is specially formulated to clean machinery built to work with knot filler pellets.


This cleaner is for industrial clients who use a specialized machine to work with knot filler pellets. Like all machines, they require periodic maintenance; this compound will flush the system quickly without risking damage to any of the internal components.

Knot Filler

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