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  • RCAG1600475 Thin Adjustable Groover
  • Rangate Adjustable Grooving Cutters
  • Thin Adjustable Grooving Cutters
  • Thin Adjustable Grooving Cutters
  • Thin Adjustable Grooving Cutters

Thin Adjustable Grooving Cutters

When your job calls for a thin groove of considerable depth, our thin adjustable groovers stand out for their accuracy and fine cut. Both are adjustable to nearly double their base groove size, giving you added flexibility.
US $665.95
CAN $725.95
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Product Description

Each tool comes with the spacers and shims necessary to achieve the full range of groove widths within the min/max specs of the tool. Our insert knife system ensures you can have confidence the groove will be the same each and every cut, and that the wear of continued use won't damage or compromise the tool. All of our cutters come fully equipped with solid carbide insert profile knives, along with a wrench for replacements.

Insert Knife Data

While these tools have a thin diameter, their standard 160mm diameter and 1-1/4'' bore means no special changes or setup is necessary. All of our tools utilize diamond-coated NaDia solid carbide insert knife systems which minimize maintenance and replacement costs. To ensure your tools will always be ready for use, we recommend keeping one spare set of insert knives on hand for your cutter- the table below will list all the necessary insert knives.

4mm - 7.5mm RNAG1600475
Knife Type Knife Code Quantity per Order
Straight RSKG100.018.18.19 10
Spur RSKS100.014.14.12 10

5mm - 9.5mm RNAG1600595
Knife Type Knife Code Quantity per Order
Straight RSKG100.018.18.25 10
Spur RSKS100.014.14.12 10

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General Woodwork
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