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  • Stile and Rail Cutter
  • Rangate Stile and Rail Set
  • How to make a 5-piece cabinet door on a shaper machine
  • Stile and Rail Cutter

Stile and Rail Cabinet Set



Our Stile and Rail set has greatly simplified the process of milling classically styled kitchen cabinet doors. It's engineered to deliver a smooth, finish-quality cut while making changing from stile to rail production faster and easier than with traditional cutters.

This set is designed specially for traditional North American cabinet doors from 19 to 25mm (~3/4'' to 1").
US $1895.95
CAN $1995.95
US $1630.00
CAN $1716.00
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Product Description

When paired with our Panel Raise Cutter, you have a complete set for door production with just two tools. Our insert knife systems remove the need for sharpening, and ensure your profile's size and quality will not degrade over time.

The tool ships with a classic Ogee style profile; other profile styles are available from our stock, as well as a wrench for knife replacements.

Set-Up & Maintenance

This cutter solves the problem of lengthy and complicated set-ups. No shims are required, and each element is labeled as 1-2-3 for clarity and ease of use. Changing over from stile to rail production is done by simply moving the spindle up and down- the stacked tools require no fence changes or other adjustments.
All of our tools utilize diamond-coated solid carbide insert knife systems which minimize maintenance and replacement costs. To ensure your tools will always be ready for use, we recommend keeping one spare set of insert knives on hand for your cutters. For a full description of all available profile styles, contact us for drawings.

To see our standard stock profile styles for our RCCD1601925 Stile and Rail Set, consult the Illustrated Profile Guide [PDF, 822kb]. We've based our standard offerings on the most popular profiles used in the cabinet and door industry today. If you'd like to work with a custom profile, we can help bring it to life; just contact us through the order form on this page with your need.

During the month of October, save 14% on a selection of our standard cutters! Canada Woodworking West attendees can save 18% on floor models, while supplies last.
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