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Polyamide Cleaner for Knot Filler Pellet Equipment



This cleaner is for industrial clients who use a specialized machine to work with knot filler pellets. Like all machines, they require periodic maintenance; this compound will flush the system quickly without risking damage to any of the internal components.
US $923.95
CAN $1448.95
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Product Description

This compound is intended for industrial knot filler dispensing machines. Each order unit is a volume of 25kg (55lbs).

How to Use Cleaner

The applicator tank can be manually cleaned by disassembling the machine to open up the tank. Remember to wear safety gloves.

Step 1: Fill the tank with granulate cleaner to the maximum mark and heat the tank to a maximum of 170ºC. Let the cleaning compound melt and become fluid at low temperature (flashpoint 180ºC).

Step 2: Release small amounts of cleaner at intervals of 1 minute until the tank is empty. Repeat the process if necessary.

Step 3:Refill the tank with knot filler pellets. Let the first round through to clean out any residues. Proceed to use the machine and filler normally.

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