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  • rcmp1603060
  • Rangate Multi-Use Tool
  • Multi Use Cutter
  • Edge Clean-Up & Corner Radiusing with a Multi-Use
  • Rangate Multi-Use Cutter
  • Multi Use Cutter
  • Multi Use Cutter
  • Making Flooring & Wall Paneling with the Multi-Use Cutter
  • Grooving a Lift & Slide Door Frame with the Multi-Use Cutter
  • How to Use a Multi-Use Cutter for Frame Joints
  • Using the Multi-Use Cutter to  Mill a Gasket Groove

Multi-Use Cutter



Our Multi-Use tool has become an industry standard for its versatility in tackling nearly any window, door, or millwork machining job. We're constantly hearing new uses for it from our clients- It's excellent for tenoning, grooving, radius & edge work, and more. What you can do with it is only limited by your imagination!

Check out the image gallery to the left for many helpful knowledge videos that illustrate some of the varied uses for this cutter.
US $1365.95
CAN $1565.95
US $1174.00
CAN $1346.00
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Product Description

Our standard order comes equipped for 3mm radius work for >15mm material thickness, and 4mm grooving functions. Some of the most common applications for this tool include flooring jobs, window and door grooving, pattern work, and millwork machining. If you've been experimenting and have a new set up you'd like to share, let us know- we'd love to hear about it! While many different standard and custom insert knives can be mounted on the tool, each ships with the knives in the table below-

Our standard Multi-Use tool has a 160mm diameter and 1-1/4'' bore. Other sizes are available for special order- use the order form on this page if you'd like to place an order for different dimensions.

Set-Up & Maintenance

While other multi-use tools can often be awkward or difficult to set up and run between jobs, requiring special inserts and adjustments, we've designed ours to make your work easier- before, during, and after the cut. Our engineering team has designed our Multi-Use tool to use many of our standard insert knives, making replacements, orders, and set up quick and efficient. Our 160mm standard diameter allows for smooth transitions between tools- no special fence changes are necessary.

Knife Type Knife Code Quantity per Order
Straight RSK100.030.12.15 10
Spur RSKS100.014.14.20 10
Profile RSKF4305701 2
Profile RSKF4305702 2
Groove RSKF5400903 2

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