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  • Knot Filler Sample Pack
  • Knot & crack repair
  • Rangate Knot Filler

Knot Filler Mixed Pack



Our mixed packs are a great value for the customer who's looking for a great price and is not yet sure which color choice is right for them. Each Mixed Pack contains 10 sticks: 3 Black, 3 Wenge, 2 Mahogany, 1 Walnut, and 1 Semi-Transparent stick. Try them all and see which fits your needs best.
US $69.95
CAN $79.95
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Product Description

The versatile properties of our Knot Filler make it easy to work with. It does not sink or shrink, it dries and is ready to be milled in seconds, it's waterproof, and can withstand temperatures from -30ºC to 120ºC. It's perfect for repairing knots and edges on pieces which otherwise would end up as waste. Our Knot Filler is easy and quick to be applied. The various hardness allows it to be sanded or cut after application. And you can paint or stain over it. It's a great repair solution with some basic tools and techniques. The Knot Filler Mixed Pack include 10 sticks, each in ø12mm x 295mm. The Knot Filler Single-Color 9-stick Pack is also available with specific color to your need.

Be sure to consult the chart below to find the correct melting point for the type of filler you select to ensure you get the best quality possible when using our product. When stored and used correctly, our knot filler comes with a 5-year warranty through our European factory.

How to Use Rangate Knot Filler

Step 1: Load the polyamide nylon stick into your knot filler gun, and turn it on. Wait for your knot filler gun to heat to the melting point of your chosen Knot Filler color (table below)
Step 2: Use the gun to apply the filler to the wood imperfection. Be sure to apply slightly more at the end of the repair.
Step 3: Use a cooling block to cool down the hot material. Place it on the filled imperfection and let stand for about 30 to 60 seconds, depending on the size of the repair.
Step 4: Using a knot filler chisel, remove any excess filler.
Step 5 (optional): Lightly sand the newly-filled imperfection to blend it and achieve a natural-looking repair.

How to Choose the Right Knot Filler Type

Find our latest Knot Filler Brochure here, with information on formulations, colors, and physical properties for all of our Knot Filler types.

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