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  • Barth Lift Table 300
  • Barth 300 XL
  • Barth 300 XL
  • Barth 300 XL with Perforated Plate

Barth Lift Table 300 & 300XL

This mobile and flexible lifting table is a wood shop favorite. Rangate's optimized logistics provides the best value available in the market for customization.
Unit Price
Perforated Work Top (replaces flat work top)
This replaces the normal flat worktop on your lift table with a perforated plate tabletop. The Baltic Birch plywood surface can accept a wide range of clamping accessories, which fit snugly into the 22mm diameter holes. Dimensions: 2000mm x 1000mm x 30mm.
Perforated Work Top (replaces flat work top)
US $767.95
CAN $921.95
Carpeted Wooden Strip for Perforated Worktop
This strip fits fits into the perforated plate of a Barth work top and is intended to provide support for glass or other delicate materials instead of placing them directly on the metal surface. The carpeted padding both protects the material and resists it sliding.
Carpeted Wooden Strip for Perforated Worktop
US $57.95
CAN $69.95
Stop Bolt for Perforated Plate
Stop bolt designed to plug into a perforated plate worktop.
Stop Bolt for Perforated Plate
US $55.00
CAN $55.00
Rack and Pinion Gear for Perforated Work Top
Rack and Pinion Gear for Perforated Work Top
This is a Rack and Pinion Gear clamping unit to be used with an optional perforated work top amounted on the Barth Lifting Table models 300, 300XL or 500.
Rack and Pinion Gear for Perforated Work Top
US $489.95
CAN $489.95
US $0.00
CAN $0.00
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Product Description

The standard model ships with 2 swiveling and 2 locking castors to provide both mobility when you need it, and sturdy control when you don't. This table can be customized to be as unique as your wood shop is. The standard Lift Table 300 and 300 XL models come with a Baltic Birch flat worktop. Optional perforated plate worktop is available and required for a wide range of worktop clamping accessories. The scissoring height adjustment means your materials or workpiece adjust to the height you need, with a wide range of motion.

Technical Data

Work Table Specificatons
Model Max Load Approx. Worktop Dimensions Approx. Height Adjustment Range
Lift Table 300 300kg 1250mm x 740mm 425-1040mm
Lift Table 300 XL 300kg 2000mm x 1000mm 490-1100mm
Lift Table 300 XL eDrive 300kg 2000mm x 1000mm 490-1100mm w/ Electrical Adjustment option

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