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  • Rangate Door Jamb Cutter for Shapers
  • Rangate Door Jamb Cutter for Shapers

Adjustable Door Jamb Cutter



This cutter machines the complete jamb in one pass, significantly streamlining your build process with the cut quality and engineering precision you've come to expect from our tools. Versatile enough to match the exact specifications of your door design, this cutter turns what was once a multi-stage process into a single cut, greatly increasing your volume capacity.
US $1895.00
CAN $1995.95
US $1629.00
CAN $1716.00
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Cutter Description

Good engineering makes a complex process simple. We designed this cutter to fit the needs of our many door-producing clients, who had to cut jambs in a lengthy multi-stage process with machine and tool adjustments between every step. The time savings simplifying the door jamb cutting process into one cut can significantly boost a shop's production capacity. What's more, it can fit any design and style you're producing. The depth of frame grooves, heights, and gasketing locations can all be matched to your design with easy adjustments- the cutter even features a height ruler directly on the cutter to allow you to adjust quickly and with confidence.

Its design streamlines every part of using the tool- even maintenance. It's designed to use many of our inexpensive standard stock insert knives, saving you money and time, even in high volume production. All of our cutters come equipped with diamond-coated solid carbide insert knives, a wrench for knife replacements, and a spacer for spindle shafts.

Technical Data

Door Jamb Cutter Tool Drawings
Click for expanded wood drawings of this cutter. (PDF, 303kb)

This cutter can adjust to depths of 36.5mm - 46.5mm, and even deeper if the chamfer knife is removed. The height of the step is also adjustable from 10m-28mm, allowing for an optional 3mm radius knife for the cleanest and most finish-friendly cut you'll find.

Cutter Diameter: 216mm
Bore Size: 1-¼" standard- other sizes available as special orders.

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