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Rangate Project Story: Millwork Artisans - Chapters 3 - 4 | Implementation and Support

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Thanks to careful management, the project was delivered on time, and on budget, with the level of exceptional quality Rangate and TWT have built a reputation for. Like with all projects, there were wrinkles along the way, but close communication with Millwork Artisans kept everyone on the same page and in the best position to make the right decisions.

Rangate Project Story: Millwork Artisans

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The team at Millwork Artisans doesn’t have to look far to find inspiration for the artisanal windows and doors they craft- you’ll find beautiful heritage fenestration everywhere you look in their home base of Charleston, South Carolina. Their goal is to match tradition with 21st-century performance, often using mahogany and exotic hardwoods to craft windows and doors that look great and stand up to the severe wind and rain the coastal areas of the South can experience.

Rangate Project Story: Millwork Artisans - Chapter 1 | Develop

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When Millwork Artisans decided to add a CNC router alongside their shapers to scale up their production volume, Drew Simmons, the President of Millwork Artisans, reached out to Rangate at the beginning of the process to be the lead vendor partner in planning and implementing the upgrade project.

Rangate had two key challenges to help Millwork Artisans solve:

Integrating a new CNC with an existing shaper production process.


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