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News & Events

High Performance Buildings Panel

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Rangate will be in attendance when our friends at the Board of Change host a panel on a topic near to our hearts- high performance buildings! Connecting with other people energized to make change in how we build has been an important part of our growth at Rangate. We definitely recommend joining the conversation, whether you're a producer, consumer, or just a concerned citizen!

Announcing the Launch of CutterShare

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BLAINE, WA- November marks the debut of CutterShare, a new business which has the potential to transform how woodworkers access shaper cutters, and greatly improve the level of craftsmanship across the industry.

Rangate Launches New Shaper & Craftsman Series Shaper Cutter Sets

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NOVEMBER 1, 2017 - We're proud to celebrate 10 years in business with our new Joinery Series and Craftsman Series shaper cutter sets. For the Rangate team, these tool sets reflect the 10 years Rangate has been providing design, engineering, and good advice on shaper tooling while maintaining uncompromising quality.

Both tool series start with the same fundamental base, covering the 4 operations nearly every project requires- rebating, grooving, tenoning, and profiling. The Craftsman Series adds two more tools for creative, customized shaper work.


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Millwork Artisans Windows
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CNC Router Door Cutters
Inset Knife Systems
Bhutan on a map
Traditional Bhutanese window design
Bhutanese woodworkers at Alpine Technical Workshop
The Rangate team in Bhutan
Finishing up our project in Bhutan
Representatives from Rangate, Zuani, and Rekord at TWT Headquarters
Biesse America Charlotte Campus
The 2015 Rangate Euro Tour group
North American Passive House Network
Patrick Molzahn performing outside sash profiling at the Rangate Open House
Inspecting a Window at Rangate Open House
North American Passive House Network - Low Carbon By Design
Canada Woodworking West Expo
Bill Wickett
Tilt-and-Turn Window
Rangate Euro Tour group on the bus
Join us for the 2016 Euro Tour!
NaDia diamond coating on a solid carbide insert knife
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Wood Window and Door Symposium 2015
Duratherm's Rangate Tooling

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