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We've found that when all of the players in our industry talk, great things happen. Join the conversation and get connected to the pulse of the solid-wood industry.

Biesse Seminars

Based on the success of our Inside Biesse events last Fall, we're happy to announce we're co-producing another series of knowledge events with Biesse for 2017.

We're currently working with attendees of our 2016 sessions, who are are already up and running using routers to manufacture doors. When you get connected to us at an event, we're happy to be a resource for you in setting up your door production. Come, get connected, and get the inside track on the evolving market and the best way forward for your business.

Our first event is on March 9 at the Biesse campus in Charlotte, NC- Register here!

Map of Inside Biesse events for 2016

Charlotte, NC - March 9, 8:30 AM - 5:30 PM - Register Here

General Info

General Info

Our application specialist Bil Wickett will be leading an in-depth session on how to use 5-axis CNC technology for solid-wood manufacturing- the opportunities, challenges, and best practices for succeeding using these advanced systems. If you're investigating CNC technology for your production or are just curious about what the future might hold for solid wood machining, we'll be happy to share the lessons of our experience with you.

The topics covered include:

• CNC Solutions for Window and Door Manufacturing
• Machining Demos on Window & Door Production
• CNC Programming & Software


From 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM
4110 Meadow Oak Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28208

Register here

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